Two Bestop Black Twill TrekTop NX Complete Frameless Replacement Soft Top

Replacement Soft Top

The Trektop NX Soft Top is where form and function come together creating one of the best-selling Jeep soft tops ever produced.

The Trektop NX is a complete replacement soft top, but it’s actually two tops in one. Use it as a fully-enclosed soft top featuring Bestop’s exclusive flip-back Sunrider panel, or easily remove the side and rear windows and Trektop NX becomes a Safari-style Jeep Wrangler Bikini top.

Kit includes Jeep Wrangler soft top fabric deck, factory-style door surrounds, removable and replaceable tinted windows, integrated windshield channel, Top Arch Bar(s), tailgate bar and exclusive flip-back Sunrider sunroof panel.

As with all Bestop soft tops, the tailgate bar allows full use of the vehicle’s rear tailgate without removing the top, or unzipping the rear window. The Trektop NX family of soft tops is available in black twill acrylic fabric or our premium Sailcloth fabric.

Bestop Black Twill

Available exclusively when noted in product title.

Jeep Wrangler Soft Top 

  • New 30-oz. triple-layer Black Twill fabric has superior durability and is featured on high-end sports and luxury cars like BMW and Rolls Royce
  • Elegant, smooth, wrinkle-resistant appearance and contains no PVC''s 
  • More flexible with a softer feel and superior cold-weather performance than sailcloth fabric


Before reinstalling the side and rear windows, relax the top by fully opening the front roof; install the rear window and let it hang; zip in the left and right side window panels all the way; zip the rear window 1/3 of the way down left and right; tuck in the material along both door channels fully; tuck the bottom edge of the side windows along the tub starting from the door and working back; finish zipping the rear windows; close the front roof and lock down; ensure that all the Velcro is aligned and closed.

Jeep Wrangler Soft Top


The Trektop fit my budget and I'm overly surprised by the quality, honestly I was expecting considerably less for something that's a fraction of the cost of the OEM ST. The factory Freedom Top leaks and is just as noisy as my me soft top. I didn't buy a Jeep expecting a quiet highway cruiser, but was impressed the Trektop wasn't considerably noisier than the clunky Freedom Top.
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