Rampage 69999 Jeep Soft Top Replacement Installation Hardware

Jeep Soft Top

Rampage Replacement Soft Top Installation Hardware is designed to replace the original equipment soft top hardware. It includes metal components, tailgate bar and adjustable spreader bars. This replacement soft top also consists of upper door windshield inserts. It features powder coat finish which ensures long life and is corrosion resistant.

This is supposed to be OEM replacement hardware for Jeep Wrangler soft top. Everything matched up to OEM and even all the screw holes lined up with the holes from OEM hardware. OEM fit - yes.

Next came installing the top. First off, I had to run back and forth to the auto parts and hardware store because items kept breaking on this during install. The vinyl rivets on the windshield retainer, drivers side were all broken when the item arrived in the mail.

The middle snap button on both front and rear bow is missing. When installing the Jeep soft top, one of the snaps above the driver door came apart after securing just two snaps. I now have it unfastened and am not using the snaps until I hear back from Rampage. These snaps are not as strong as the 1992 snaps that were the original. I got an email from Jake at Rampage Replacement Soft Top and he is sending me a replacement.

The tailgate bar does not fit correctly in the tailgate retainers. It is very hard to get it inserted into the brackets and then when it is installed, the tailgate bracket does not stay in place. Had a hard time because the fit is so tight, but today I got out my rubber mallet and tapped it to make sure it was all the way in the brackets and now it holds.

Jeep Soft Top 

I originally called the wrong number and thought I was talking to Rampage soft top. The person wanted me to pay $3.99 for replacement snaps. I was really upset with Rampage and thought they had terrible customer support but I found out I was actually talking to a distributor. I found Rampage soft top on the Jeep reviews and when I sent an email, they contacted me back the next day.

Okay, so I was really frustrated with all the problems I initially had but I finally got the replacement hardware all in place and the top fits great.

For updated review I would say 5 stars for OEM fit and nice spreader bar design, but I have to take at least one star off for quality. If it were my company, I would use better snaps, like the heavy duty ones they sell in kits at the hardware or camping stores. I would also find some way to replace the vinyl rivets with something more durable. If they can snap in shipping, I am sure they would have a tendency to snap while on the vehicle. I will replace mine with metal bolts or rivets this summer when I get a chance.

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Jeep Soft Top 


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